directory of games

A directory of all the Adam Up Maths board games. Find out which game will help with different areas of Maths.

Directory of Games

activate games

Can you fill all of the energy sources? A game to practice equivalent fractions.


alien attack games

Can you defeat all of the aliens? Games to practice times tables.

Alien Attack

bleep test games

Can you win the bleep test? A game to help with 2-digit addition and subtraction.

Bleep Test

cross the bridge games

Can you cross the bridge before it collapses? Games to practice different types of numbers.

Cross the Bridge

detonation games

Can you crack the code before the bomb explodes? A game to practice the order of operations.


escape room games

Can you escape the room before "the director" gets you? Games to practice position and direction.

Escape Room

flash games

Can you catch the cheeky Number Crunchers? Games to practice subitising.


force field games

Can you be the one to complete the force field? A strategy game that focuses on perimeter.

Force Field

magic potion games

Can you revive Elvis Cruncher? A game to practice sharing in ratio.

Magic Potion

race around numberth games

Who will be the first to collect 10 stars as you race around planet Numberth? Games to practice calculation strategies, types of number, perimeter and area.

Race Around Numberth

rocket fuel games

Can you be the first to fill up your rocket? Games to practice fractions and percentages of amounts.

Rocket Fuel

rolling for dollars games

Can you win Numberth's favourite gameshow - Rolling for Dollars? Games to practice place value and mutiplying and dividing by 10.

Rolling for Dollars

space race games

Can you be the first to finish the race? A game to practice counting to 30.

Space Race

travelator games

Can you be the first to board the plane? Games to practice negative numbers and directed numbers.


air lock games

Can you paint the air lock in time? Games to practice multiplication and area.

Air Lock

ladder to the moon games

Can you be the first to reach the moon? A game of strategy and counting.

Ladder to the Moon

space jump games

Can you earn the most points in the space jump competition? Games to practice bridging 10 and 1.

Space Jump

rocket launch games

Can you help to launch the rocket in time? Games to practice ordering 2-digit numbers and tenths.

Rocket Launch